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Special Report: Deadliest Road Accidents In Kenyan History


Kenya has been experiencing a lot of accidents and these has claimed many lives. Some are Road accidents, Water and air accidents. Kenya has lost many people including Government leaders such as Hon. Ojode and Saitoti who passed away from air-crush years back. Below are ten deadly accidents that had claimed many lives in kenya. Number one is too painful and unforgettable to Kenyans.



10. In 2018 Fort Ternan Crash

The most recent and horrific road accident yet, it happened on 10th of September 2018 where a bus belonging to Western Cross Sacco, crashed along the Londiani to Muhoroni road at 5 am at Fort Ternan tunnel in Kericho and killed 50 people. The bus was heading to Kakamega and according to the survivors, the bus was overloaded and was on higher speed.

9. In 2017 Salgaa Accident

It was December 31 2017 and many people were travelling to Nairobi. Some were going for their end year celebration when a Nairobi bound bus from Busia collided head-on with a trailer at Migaa on the famous Salgaa black spot. The early morning accident claimed lived of 36 people and many were injured.

8. 2013 Ntulele Accident

In the early morning of 29th August 2013, a bus headed to Homabay crashed as the driver tried to negotiate a sharp corner while speeding along the Nairobi-Narok highway at Ntulele. 41 people died on the spot while 33 others were taken to hospitals in Kijabe and Narok.

7. 2009 Sachang’wan Accident

This is arguably one of the worst accident we have ever witnessed in Kenya. A normal Saturday it was for the villagers until a 50,000-litre petrol tanker headed to Juba rolled and spilt its content. Villagers then ran to siphon the precious commodity and what followed was catastrophic. More than 91 people were burnt beyond recognition while 22 others succumbed to burns while undergoing treatment.

6. 2000 Shaggy & Akamba Accident 

This was the first major road accident of the 21st century in Kenya. On March 3, 2000, 75 people were killed after Shaggy bus and Akamba Bus collided on each other head-on at Kapkutungor, 15 kilometres from Kericho town and one of them exploded.

5. January 1993 Railway Accident

This accident happened on January 30, 1993, at Ngai Ndethya where 65 died. Before this, Kenya’s worst railway accident was in 1976 where a train plunged into floodwater near Mtito Andei and instantly killed 29 people.

4.January 6th 1991 Muranga Accident 

A bus slammed into a tree in the outskirts of Murang’a town after the driver lost control and killed 47 people; 39 on the spot and 9 more while undergoing treatment and further left 40 others with injuries.

3. November 1989, Thwake River Accident

On November 14, 1989, a bus plunged into Thwake River in Machakos and killed 55 people almost instantly.

2. April 1963, Tiva River Accident

On April 7 1963, probably the worst road accident in Kenya’s history happened. A bus carrying people who were returning from a church meeting plunged into Tiva River, Mitaboni in Machakos killing 72 people including pedestrians

1.July 1992 Mikuyuni River Accident

On July 12, 1992, 96 people died in a fatal road accident at Mikuyuni River, Machakos. This is one of the highest records of deaths caused by an accident in a single day in Kenya during the 20th century.



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