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The Darling Of Kitui Central Voter Fits To Succeed Governor Malombe


Dr. Makali Mulu, with his extensive experience serving the people of Kitui Central for three consecutive terms since 2013, possesses a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of the local community. His consistent track record and dedication to public service make him a trusted figure among the Kitui Central voters.

Being a PhD holder, Dr. Mulu brings a strong educational background that equips him with analytical and problem-solving skills essential for effective governance. His academic achievements reflect his commitment to continuous learning and excellence, qualities that are vital for a leader in the modern political landscape.

Dr. Makali Mulu’s multifaceted approach to governance, encompassing both transparent bursary allocation and infrastructure development in education, sets him apart as a forward-thinking and proactive leader. His dedication to ensuring equitable access to educational opportunities through transparent bursary allocation resonates with the community’s values of fairness and inclusivity.

Furthermore, his strategic investments in school infrastructure, such as the construction of storey learning blocks in schools with limited land, demonstrate his ability to address practical challenges creatively. These infrastructural improvements not only enhance the learning environment but also symbolize Dr. Mulu’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in education within Kitui Central.

Given his proven leadership, educational background, and unwavering support from the Kitui Central voters, Dr. Makali Mulu is well-positioned to serve as Kitui’s Governor in 2027 and lead the great people towards a brighter and more prosperous future.



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