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The Fight Between DG Kanani & His Boss Takes A Nasty Twist 


The friction between Governor Julius Malombe and his deputy Augustine Kanani has taken a nasty twist with the two employing dirty tricks against each other.

Kanani who wants to succeed his boss in 2027 has been isolated in county affairs with the DG facing EACC investigation over tender awards in his docket (Ministry of Tourism).

A case in probe is the Manyenyoni resources Centre which EACC probing how a company linked to Kanani’s kin,  one Jonnes Ivuli ( both from Mwingi North) who works with NHIF and he used to brag in town that tender is reserved for him even before tender evaluation.

The two phased multi million project is costing over Ksh 24 Million, from fencing perimeter wall, Building and  equipping the resources Centre.

Information from our credible sources unearthed that DG Kanani instructed the tender evaluation committee to make sure Ivuli’s company won by knocking out other bidders on flimsy technicalities.

EACC sleuths are now investigating conflict of interest and over priced tender against Kanani. Our source also said the case was anonymously reported to EACC by Governor Malombe’s loyalists who want to fix the man Kanani.

One bidder has complained to procurement authorities demanding quick probe” Hopkin Delivers.

Another mole as also told Hopkin Reporter the relationship between Governor Malombe and his deputy Kanani has been cold for a quite some time and he cuts a figure of an isolated man, which perhaps explains why he fears the county officers who did tender evaluation have been leaking information to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The DG privately is furious that his boss have blocked all avenues to make money in the county to frustrate him and sideline Mwingi people.

The reason why DG Kanani and his boss fallen out is not clear, but Hopkin Reporter has gone underground to find out.

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