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The Handshake That Has Left Thousands Of Kitui Residents Confused


Kitui based theologian and activist Musili Kauta has expressed his surprise and disappointment at Dr. Kyalo Muli’s decision to join Kitui Governor Malombe.

Kauta sees it as an opportunity to distance himself from any accusations of being influenced by Muli’s supposed payments. He also predicts challenges for Muli’s political standing and suggests that Muli’s move parallels Raila Odinga’s surprise handshake with Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018.

Despite the upheaval, Kauta emphasizes the need to persevere and continue with the political struggle in Kitui.

According to Musili Kauta Governor Malombe’s bloggers are discontented with Dr. Kyalo Muli’s decision to join hands with Malombe, suggesting potential backlash against Muli akin to being beaten like a burukenge . The absence of opposition could impact the livelihoods of government-affiliated bloggers. Furthermore, Kauta believes Muli’s move may diminish his political standing and influence, viewing it as a misguided and unnecessary action.

“Kyalo Muli will hurt his thriving political popularity and influence. The move was wrong and unnecessary. Anyway, even when your husband or wife dies, life has to continue. Kyalo Muli was instrumental in opposition politics in Kitui but we, as orphans as we are, must soldier on,” Kauta said.



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