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The Voice of our Clans in Ukambani By Dr Kyalo Muli

Photo Courtesy: Dr Augustus Kyalo Muli, Founder of Kyalo Kya Maendeo and Party leader of National Liberal Party

The clans have always played a crucial role in our community.

Long before colonialism and independence, it is the clan that maintained peace and order in our community. The clans decided what was good or bad for the community. They settled all community disputes and made sure that everyone was taken care of in the entire land.

When there were any threats from enemies such as the neighbouring Somali and Maasai cattle rustlers, the clans knew how to defend the community. In case of famine due to shortage of rainfall, the clan could organise people to trade and get the required food to maintain the community.

But with colonialism and independence, our clan structures all but collapsed.

These structures should have been replaced by better structures. But unfortunately, things have gone from bad to worse.

The colonialists fearing the unity of the Akamba made sure that all the structures that brought us together were completely destroyed.Music or wathi that brought the community together was declared evil.

Our traditions were declared bad and outdated. Kithitu and kilumi were abolished.

So we moved into an independent Kenya with hardly any organised structures to unite us and with which to place us on the negotiation table. And since then we have been pushed from side and side. Always being used to fill other people’s baskets but never really having our own.

As we approach 2027, it is time to change that.It is time we held our own basket and sat on our own table.

And this must not be a decision of a few individuals, but a collective decision of the entire community.

But how do we reach that point of speaking in one voice? It must start with our clans.The clans must re invent themselves and bring all their people together.

There are many clans in Ukambani who are way ahead and are already able to speak in one voice. The Anzauni have also started their journey to unity. If all our clans come together. There is nothing that can stop us again as a community.

It’s time we stopped being taken for granted.Our voice this time must just be one.

the voice of our clans.



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