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Thousands of Anzauni Clan Converges At Kyalo Muli’s Installation Ceremony


Thousands of Anzauni Clan members and Kamba governing Counsel leaders converged at Misuuni Village for the Installation Ceremony of Dr Augustus Kyalo Muli as the  National Chairman Anzauni Clan Kenya.

Dr.  Kyalo Muli’s Installation Ceremony as the National Chairman of the Anzauni Clan in Kenya will undoubtedly be a moment of pride and unity for the community. It’s heartening to see such celebrations that highlight the importance of unity and empowerment of Anzauni Clan, it’s approximately 400,000 members in Ukambani.

Dr Augustus Kyalo Muli, the founder Kyalo Kya Maendeeo was installed as the new Anzauni kingpin in a event that was graced by high-level dignitaries among them, former Nairobi Governor His Excellence Mike Sonko, Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of EAC, Arid and Semi-Arid Lands and Regional Development, Penina Malonza (EGH), director of coordination statehouse Bonnie Musambi, Mlango Kubwa MCA Patricia Mutheu, UDA nominated MCA Frida Maua, former Yatta Kwavonza MCA Mbaki Mbaki, Chairmans of Akamba Clans, delegates from different regions, including one representing the Digo people from the coast.

Indeed, the presence of high-profile Ukambani politicians at Kyalo Muli’s Installation Ceremony underscores both their strong support for him and the notable influence of the event on the region’s political landscape. It suggests a recognition of his leadership and the potential implications for the area’s political dynamics.

The involvement of the Anzauni Clan Council of Elders and the National Delegates in presiding over the ceremony highlights the importance of Dr. Kyalo Muli’s appointment as the Anzauni National Patron.

Unlike merely honorary roles, this position comes with substantive responsibilities, indicating that Dr. Muli will have actual powers as both a leader and defender of the clan. His background as a respected alumnus of Kenyatta University and a distinguished business magnate based in Dubai further solidifies his ability to fulfill these duties effectively.

Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s consistent involvement in supporting projects, attending high-profile events, and extending goodwill to the Kamba nation underscores his continued relevance and respect within the community. His presence and support contribute to the cohesion and advancement of the Kamba community’s interests.





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