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Trashed: NO LACUNA, Governors’ Term Limit Okay –


By Emmanuel Maleve

There is no lacunae in the law, the maximum is two five-year term limits for governor. One of the best provisions of the 2010 constitution, which has been lauded in various quarters as quite progressive.

Some pioneer governors who won re-election in 2022 are planning for third terms in 2027, arguing that their two previous terms were not consecutive.

According to Article 180(7) of the constitution, “a person shall not hold office as a county governor for more than two terms or as a deputy governor for more than two terms”.Those entertaining the idea of serving three terms are mistaken.

“It is not just ridiculous, but there is also no justification for this. Being at the helm of the county government for a decade is sufficient time for them to have implemented their programmes. They should vacate office and give room to new leadership to bring in fresh ideas to develop the counties”, Hopkin Digital reports.

The argument as to whether this should be consecutive or staggered is immaterial. The pioneer governor’s feel that the law applies only to two consecutive terms and intend to seek a Supreme Court interpretation. It is within their rights to do so.

However, the people should flatly reject this. Those who feel after serving for 10 years that there is still more they can do should go and do it elsewhere. But it is also true that after more than 10 years of implementation of the Constitution, some shortcomings have emerged that have sparked calls for amendments.

This was, indeed, at the core of the abortive Building Bridges Initiative that sought to redress perceived weaknesses.The Constitution should be reformed to enhance transparency and fairness in the electoral system.

Some also want the Executive expanded to mitigate the winner-take-all hitch. The county chiefs should not messup something that has worked so well in their quest for longer terms.



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