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University Fees Increment Is Burdening Rural Women Says Dr Kasalu


By Hopkin Reporter

Kitui Women Representative Dr Irene Kasalu on Monday 16th October 2023 graced world day for Rural Women at Kanyangi, Kitui Rural Sub-County. Speaking during the event stated that university fees increments is not favorable to the rural women.

Saying that the fees increase will deny many poor students access to education. Adding children from poor families have a higher probability of dropping out of school than their counterparts from rich backgrounds.

The legislator said the government should respect the value of education.

Mama wa rural atasomesha Mtoto akilipa fees ya 200k Kweli kwa ivyo sisi tunaomba serikali irudi Ile system ilikuwa hapo mbeleni ambapo wazazi Walikuwa wanalipa fees ya 29k. Kama kweli tunataka kusaidia mama na mtoto wa rural lazima tuangalie gharama ya maisha ikuwe chini”, Kasalu said.

In 2023, the cost of university education in Kenya increased, affecting many young people seeking higher education. The University Funding Board (UFB) pushed for a limit on the amount of money students from rich families receive, resulting in these students paying more in university fees. This move will see students applying for loans from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) get vetted before the loans are disbursed.

The history of the cost of university education in Kenya has been a contentious issue. In the past, it used to be that if a student scored a KCSE grade C+ and above, they qualified for a degree course under government funding, commonly known as government-sponsored students.

It did not matter whether the student was from a poor or rich family; their KCSE grade was the determinant of whether they would be funded by the government or not. This model was simple and predictable and had existed for decades.



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