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Vetting Process For Mwingi Municipality Board Enters Homestretch


By Hopkin Reporter

Vetting exercise of Mwingi Municipality board members nominees has been concluded today on Thursday, 12th October 2023, with all 7 nominees appearing before the Committee for the vetting exercise.

The select committee will now retreat for report writing after which they will table their report on the suitability of the nominees before the House for approval.

The County Assembly’s Committee on Appointment was Chaired by the Speaker of Assembly Hon. Kevin Kinengo Katisya, Harrison Maluki MCA Migwani and Majority Leader, Alex Nganga MCA Miambani and Minority Leader, Mathew Vuthi MCA Chuluni and Hussein Mwandia MCA Ikutha.

The 2-day exercise run from Wednesday 11th October to 12th October, 2023 and took place in the Assembly Chamber.

The County Assembly was required to conduct an approval hearing of the nominees to ascertain their suitability for the positions proposed to make appropriate recommendations.

Mwingi Municipality objectives and priorities include: i. Promote a safe and healthy environment in Mwingi Town. ii. Promote and undertake infrastructural development and services within the town. iii. Monitor the impact and effectiveness of any services, policies and programs or plans. iv. Strengthen the economic competitiveness of Mwingi Town.



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