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Vincent Munyoki Foundation Partners With KVA For Trees planting exercise


Vincent Munyoki Foundation joined forces with the Kamba Visionaries Association (KVA) for a meaningful two-day tree planting exercise across Kyangwithya West and East wards in Kitui Central sub-county from Friday 12th and  Saturday 13th of April 2024. This joint effort aimed to boost environmental conservation and encourage sustainable development as Kitui County continues to experience heavy downpours.

The timely initiative not only contributed to environmental conservation but also helped mitigate the effects of the heavy rainfall by promoting soil stability, preventing erosion, and enhancing the local ecosystem’s resilience.

The tree planting activities were hosted by Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli,  National Patron Anzauni Clan Kenya, who highlighted the crucial role of environmental stewardship and community involvement.

Victor Kyalo, popularly known as Cashflow and the secretary-general of KVA, revealed that Dr. Vincent Munyoki, the founder of the Vincent Munyoki Foundation, was instrumental in the event’s success. Dr. Munyoki has consistently championed environmental causes, emphasizing the importance of planting trees to create a greener, healthier future. His efforts have focused on planting trees in public spaces to nurture the environment and establish a lasting legacy for future generations.

The partnership between the Vincent Munyoki Foundation and KVA showcased the impact of collaboration and collective action in tackling environmental issues and driving positive change. The two-day tree planting initiative was a remarkable success, leaving behind a legacy of environmental conservation and community empowerment in Kyangwithya West and East wards.



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