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Waziri Phoebe Mutemi Joins Bishop Joseph Mwongela In a Diocesan Youth Walk


Kitui CECM for Culture, Gender, Youth, ICT, Sports, and Social Services, Phoebe Mutemi, on Friday 26th April 2024 joined  thousands of Kitui youths from 35 parishes in Kitui County in a special walk, aimed at advocating for Youth Chaplaincy and commemorating 60 years since the establishment of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui.

Led by RT Rev Joseph Mwongela, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui, the walk saw the enthusiastic participation of over 4000 youths, signifying a unified voice for the cause.

In her address during the event, Phoebe Mutemi emphasized the importance of education for the youth, highlighting that no circumstance justifies violence or ending one’s life prematurely. She also cautioned against the dangers of substance abuse, urging young people to prioritize their health and well-being to lead fulfilling lives and contribute positively to society.

The theme of the diocesan Youth walk 2024, “Journeying Together as a Eucharistic Community,” underscored the significance of unity and collective participation in the journey of faith. During the Mass, Bishop Mwongela encouraged the youth to stay steadfast in their pursuits, envisioning them as influential figures in the church, their families, and the nation in the years to come. He urged them to steer clear of anything that could jeopardize their future prospects and derail their aspirations.

The event also held historical significance, as it coincided with the anniversary of Bishop William Dunne’s formal installation in the Diocese in 1964. Bishop Dunne’s installment marked a pivotal moment in the establishment of the Kitui Diocese, following his consecration as its first bishop earlier that year in Ireland. This historical context added depth to the commemoration, reminding participants of the rich legacy upon which they continue to build as members of the Catholic community in Kitui.

The event served as a platform for fostering unity, faith, and youth empowerment within the Kitui community. Through collective action and shared commitment to their beliefs, the youth demonstrated their readiness to embrace their roles as future leaders and agents of positive change in society.



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