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We Must Give Priority To Girl Child Education Says Mp Makali


Kitui parents have been urged to prioritize girl child education as one way of empowering women and fighting teen pregnancy and GBV cases.

Kitui Central Lawmaker Dr Makali Mulu said education is the only way women can fight for equal rights in employment opportunities and unshackle themselves from poverty.

Makali told Manyenyoni parents to do away with outdated traditions and cultures that prevent women from learning and taking part in national development.

In conclusion, , the legislator  said girl child education should be given the utmost priority in every society. “Educating girls is crucial for empowering them, improving their health, promoting gender equality, and breaking the cycle of poverty. It is essential to invest in girls’ education to ensure a brighter future for all.”

Honorable Makali Mulu was speaking on Tuesday 23rd January 2023, when he was commissioning several NG -CDF projects within the constituency including commissioned an modern storey building that houses four classrooms at Manyenyoni Primary School, in Township ward.

He was accompanied by area MCA Daniel Ngoima Kimanzi, area senior Chief Makuthu, Chief Jemmy, PTA members, PC members, Manyenyoni Primary teachers, Parents, pupils among others.



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