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What is not told on the County Aggregation and Industrial Park Saga


Spanning 1,500 acres of prime land initially designated for ranching activities, this project stands at the intersection of progress and preservation.

Despite meticulous adherence to due process by the county administration in acquiring the land, dissent brews from two prominent figures: a sitting opposition Senator and a former Senator with eyes set on the gubernatorial seat in 2027. As political ambitions collide, their unified opposition to CAIP has perplexed residents and leaders alike.

In their bid to sway public opinion, the duo has attempted to court the digital realm, engaging bloggers in a futile attempt to rally support. Yet, their endeavors have largely faltered, save for a dubious alliance with a notorious individual known for leveraging scandal and extortion.

Undeterred by the opposition’s tactics, the county administration forged ahead, unveiling a comprehensive Partial Development Plan for the land. Advertisement in national newspapers beckoned stakeholders to voice objections within a 60-day window, a testament to transparency and inclusivity. Despite these efforts, the duo persists in their opposition, propagating misinformation regarding the project’s scale—a futile endeavor in the era of precision GIS-based planning technologies.

As the Ranch’s Annual General Meeting looms, speculation abounds regarding the true motives of the two politicians. Their stance against a project jointly endorsed by national and county authorities raises eyebrows, especially considering the myriad benefits CAIP promises: job creation, economic revitalization, and a nexus for agricultural innovation.

Upon completion, the industrial park will herald a new era of prosperity, empowering farmers, bolstering export earnings, and fostering collaboration across sectors. It represents not merely a development project but a beacon of hope for SEKEB’s future—a vision imperiled by the self-serving agendas of a few.



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