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Who Bewitched Us Kitui – Kyalo Muli Asked


By Hopkin Reporter

Who bewitched us in Kitui?

Question asked by Dubai based Kenyan and businessman Hon. Augustus Kyalo Muli on what he says Kitui county trudges on slowly.

In his letter shared to Hopkin Digital Media, Mr Muli stated “As other Counties develop and take care of their people, Kitui County trudges on slowly, and blindly. Without any clear vision.

Without any visible plan.Anyone saying anything against Kitui’s god-almighty Governor is immediately branded an enemy of the County.

He is attacked and given names.Who bewitched us in Kitui?Who blinded us not to see the evil being orchestrated by the sand cartels on our rivers?

When all the sand is gone and all the rivers have dried up, what will we tell our children’s children?Who took out our eyes not to see the big scam perpetuated in Kitui in the name of CLIDP projects ?

You can’t see the 5% being charged for each project?You can’t see how MCAs have been tamed and silenced not to see or hear anything?One MCA on asking about the sand cartels was rudely asked why he has not bought his own truck to sell sand.

Who will save us? Who do we cry to?When will we as a community say enough is enough?It’s not funny when we see nothing happening in Governor Malombe’s government. Because it’s not his government, but our government.

So it becomes a very serious issue when we hear that some Ministries are not working because they can’t access their own budgets online, having not been given rights or passwords to to their respective budgets.What is really happening in Kitui?

Why can’t more people open their eyes?As Raila and Kalonzo lead maandamano in Nairobi, we need to plan our own maandamano in Kitui We need water We need electricity We need our industries We need our dams We need our security We need our bursaries We need our hospitals We need what belongs to us.

We need to destroy corruption cartels We need to build and preserve Kitui for our future generations”.



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