Home National News Why Kawira Mwangaza Has Been Unanimously Impeached For The Second Time

Why Kawira Mwangaza Has Been Unanimously Impeached For The Second Time


By Hopkin Reporter

Embattled Meru County Governor Kawira Mwangaza has been unanimously impeached by the Meru County Assembly following the tabling of a second motion for her removal from office.

All 59 MCAs who were present in the House voting in support of the motion to remove Mwangaza from office. Ten MCAs were absent.

The first-term Governor, who was elected on an independent ticket, is accused of misuse of public funds, gross misconduct, contempt of the county assembly and court among other charges..

Earlier on Wednesday, the Court of Appeal in Nyeri declined to stop the Meru County Assembly from debating Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s ouster motion.

The governor had moved to the Appellate court to stop her planned impeachment but the court said it would rule on the matter on Friday, October 27, 2023.

This comes as the second attempt by the Meru County MCAs to oust Governor Kawira with with whom they have been at loggerheads since she assumed office.

She was first impeached by the Assembly in December 2022 but an 11-member Senate Special Committee appointed to probe the grounds for her impeachment submitted a report stating that none of the charges levelled against her was proven.

Mwangaza’s fate now once again lies with the Senate which is expected to uphold or overturn the impeachment.


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