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Why Ministry Of Agriculture Trained Local Artisans On Beehive Fabrication


By Hopkin Reporter

Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock and the National Agricultural Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) recently trained local artisans on beehive fabrication, effort to boost the local beekeeping.

32 farmer Trainers of Trainers (TOTs) were trained in apiculture Technologies, Innovations and Management Practices (TIMPs).

The TOTs have been equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to propel the apiculture industry forward. Additionally, experts from the National Beekeeping Institute trained 50 artisans on crafting modern (langstroth) beehives which can produce 20 to 30kgs of honey per hive.

At the Kamaki Bee Keepers Cooperative Society, the trained artisans have crafted 348 bee hives. “This training initiative has provided the necessary skills for the crafting of modern hives, an investment that promises to yield long-term dividends in honey output,” said Livestock and Apiculture Chief Officer Jonathan Kyambi.

He was speaking at Kamaki Bee Keepers Cooperative Society’s honey factory in Athi Ward, Kitui South, during the handover of modern hives to the cooperative.

Kamaki is renowned for its commitment to spearhead sustainable beekeeping practices and has welcomed this endeavor as a step towards strengthening the apiculture sector.Stephen Mbaya Kimwele, the CECM for Agriculture and Livestock said, “We are pleased to launch the distribution of these newly fabricated bee hives to various apiaries.

This event marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to support beekeeping in the county. “The collaboration between NARIGP and the County Government of Kitui, seeks to promote apiculture in Kitui County, and underscores the importance of collaboration between government agencies, local artisans and cooperatives in the promotion of sustainable agricultural and economic growth.

“This project not only empowers our local artisans but also aligns perfectly with H.E. Governor Dr. Julius Malombe’s plan to promote honey value addition with a view of making Kitui an apiculture hub,” added CEC Mbaya.

The handing over ceremony was attended by stakeholders, beekeepers, representative of the area MCA and local community members.


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