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Why You Should Hug Your MVERIFIED Regularly In 2024


Hugging is one of the sweetest ways for couples to bond. Do you know the effect hugging can have on you, your spouse and marriage?

Hugging boosts your oxytocin levels naturally

Oxytocin is a hormone that is often dubbed as the “cuddle hormone

It’s a very important aspects of relationship level such as trust, devotion, and bonding. … An increased amount of Oxytocin can immensely change your partner’s mood.

Hugs have been proven to release those warm and fuzzy feelings, meaning when you and your spouse share a hug, you are not only taking a moment in time to say that they are important to you, you are also helping them physically.

  1. Here are a few reasons you should hug your spouse regularly.
  2. Hugging reduce stress by showing your support.
  3. Hugging protects you against illness.Hugging boosts your heart health.
  4. Hugging makes you happier.
  5. Hugging helps reduce your fears.
  6. Hugging helps reduce your pain.
  7. Hugging helps you communicate with others.



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