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You Stooped So Low, Shame on you, Health Care Workers Tell Off Mwingi MP


By Hopkin Reporter

Kitui Health care workers Union caucus, Kitui county, have issued a presser condemning the recent verbal attacks on recently deployed medics at Mwingi level 4 two weeks ago, by area leaders.

Mwingi central MP, Gideon Mulyungi has been going round preaching how Kitui Governor, Dr Julius Malombe ‘demoted’ the immediate former Mwingi level 4 Medical Superintendent wooing locals to vehemently reject the move.

Two weeks ago, reshuffles were done in the health sector across Kitui county.

However, in Mwingi level 4, the Medical Sup and the deputy received harsh reception as the area MP has termed them ‘murderers'”The woman from Kitui who has replaced Dr. Mumo has a court case after she killed a woman who was delivering. During a CS , she forgot surgical scissors inside the womb of the patient who ended up losing her life,” aledged Mulyungi.

He further added that her Deputy is a Daily Drunkard Officer whom he also accused him of killing an infant during a CS.” Following his drankard nature, he conducted a CS on a woman who was bearing twins.

He managed to surgically remove one newborn and left the other inside the womb where moments later, the infant passed on,” he further alleged.

Following the sentiments which the medics have termed as character assassination, they now want the MP to withdraw his defamatory statements, apologize and tell community the truth .

Led by Dr. Asiago Misiani, KMPDU Branch Secretary, Lower Eastern the professionals have said their profession should not be interfered with politically stating it paints a picture that medics from other areas should not work in Mwingi.” It is so saddening and we want him to withdraw and apologize,” said Misiani.

He also assured residents that the medics deployed in Mwingi level 4 are of good standings.”What evidence of the said allegations do the local leaders have?” Wondered the secretary.

Cornelius Masila, told off the MP asking him to keep off the health sector and shun involving petty politics in it.

” Shame on you! You stopped too low!”Said Cornelius.Their sentiments comes a day after Governor Julius Malombe said the handing over had already been done last week on Friday.

“Despite the politics,that is behind us, ” said Malombe.Responding to the said allegations, Malombe said before the deployments, proper scrutiny was done.



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